Ads not coming while using VPN

Hello brave

@sampson ads notifications not coming while using VPN, when i stop VPN then ads are coming so brave team disabled ads notification on VPN???

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Hi @Donboven, I’m on the Brave/BAT team, and am happy to help provide some clarity on this item.

It might seem a bit antithetical that Brave Ads would not display with a VPN enabled, especially given both VPN use among our audience, and that Brave has a VPN+Firewall product offering.

The issue with running a VPN with Brave Ads, is that in most cases, the VPN locale is likely outside of the actual country the user is in. When an advertiser is buying an ad campaign, they are selecting a country for the ads to run in, with an expectation that Brave will be serving ads to people within that country. There are several reasons for this, with a few being that advertisers often may not be able to legally operate in certain countries or regions, they may not service or may not support shipping to specific countries, or may have a product they’re advertising that performs better in one country over another. Brave has an obligation to serve an ad to a user in a country that the advertiser has chosen to serve to. Brave determines location using our privacy preserving ads protocol, meaning that the location is inferred locally on the device, but that’s the primary reason why you are not likely to observe ads with a VPN enabled. I hope this helps!


Can i get ads notifications if i buy vpn+firewall from brave?

So are you saying that Brave PREVENTS ads from displaying if a VPN is being used? Even if the VPN locale is in the same country (U.S.) as the user?

I don’t believe that’s what they said. The problem is they are trying to resolve where the VPN connection is and often the result is a lie. Let’s say someone from Romania keeps on using specific Dallas servers in the US, some lookups will say the truth that the server is in Dallas, others will take the provided info from the other user and say that same IP is in Romania. I’ve seen this happen using multiple IP location lookup sites.

I’m temped to turn off the VPN and see if I get ads back. It’s been since Dec 19th that I lost them.

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I get that, but @luke.mulks didn’t really answer the OP’s question, so I asked it more explicitly.

I’m trying to trouble-shoot why I suddenly stopped receiving ads a couple of months ago (about the same time as you). I’ve been through all of the trouble-shooting tips, but still no solution. I have been using a VPN longer than I’ve been using Brave, and I used to get ads just fine, even while using the VPN. If Brave started disabling ads for VPN users, then I want to know about it. If I have to choose between my VPN and getting the ads, the VPN wins. Turning off the VPN is a non-starter for me.


Guess what, I get ads only if I use a VPN. Strange but true.

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Well, that rules out that possibility as the cause.

I rebooted finally, but also updated to v1.20.103 and I got one ad :exploding_head:
Because of NordVPN’s retarded login now, Brave was opened before I was on the VPN, but the ad came once I started using the browser.
Estimated pending rewards: 0.010BAT
Much wow! So big!

I have NORD VPN and have also lost my Ads. I had my VPN set on Chile for a few days and the ADs stopped. I switched back to USA and have checked all the settings. Settings are good but no ads. I do not want to turn off the VPN, but would love to participate in the ad rewards. What do I do? Am I flagged because I had the VPN set on Chile? Perhaps there is a manual flagging and someone can confirm I am in the USA. What do I do?

My VPN is set to a semi-local area yet I’m still not getting rewards, I am using the supported browser plugin for NordVPN. Are there any ways to fix this issue or any suggestions to get the added privacy/protection while browsing?
Thank you!

Supported browser plugin for NordVPN? A browser plugin is less secure than using the VPN for your whole system.

The issue is that the VPN blocks the reloading of the ads catalog on your system. The Brave team will be working on a permanent solution, but in the mean time, @tmancey and I figured out a workaround (Terry, correct me if I got the order wrong):

  1. Close Brave
  2. Turn off the VPN
  3. Reopen Brave and wait until you see a notification ad (approximately five minutes)
  4. Turn the VPN back on

This allows Brave to reload the catalog with approximately a day’s worth of ads. This process will have to be done daily in order to keep the ads flowing.

sorry but “go away DC” seems like they blacklist datacenter… @tmancey , is it true ?

@tmancey , are you here?

@hihouhou are you connected to a VPN? With regards to datacenter, please provide more details. Thank you

@tmancey you know when Brave server say “go away DC” I don’t use vpn but a proxy.
Do you really blacklist DataCenter ip ?

up again seems always complicated for answer on this website…

Abuse of a dominant position is like when for vpn/ proxy the only one solution is from Brave ?

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