Has VPN stopped rewards?

I’ve not been receiving any adds or BAT for months now. I have read through and tried everything suggested. How do I find out if I have been blacklisted for using a VPN?

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Using a VPN, will not fetch you any ads.

But, switching off he VPN shall make it normal.
Which country are you from?? So I check the ad catalog for your country.

UK. It’s not the VPN. It was on my desktop I used it and it seems fine. It’s just my android phone that is recieving no adds.
Yet it is linked to the desktop that is.


I don’t want to spend too much time on it but it seems pretty buggy.

So are you saying that you are not getting ads when you are using a VPN or after using the VPN?

Lol sorry. I do at times use a VPN on my desktop and when I switch it off I still receive adds on the desktop version of the Brave browser.

I have the desktop browser linked/synced to my android phones brave browser. My android Brave browser stopped sending me adds a couple of months ago.

I’ve tried everything and thought perhalps my device has been blacklisted listed for some reason.

The issue is with my android device. But I had used a VPN on the synced desktop. I thought it may have flagged something up.

Ohh, so it happens even if you are using/not using the VPN.

Pretty weird since, that happens only if you use a VPN and there is no Blacklisting for using a VPN.
If you want to, you can delete and reinstall the app. )May or may not fix it though)

Also, BTW you shall backup all the data before reinstalling.

Can I retrieve the Bat if I delete and reinstall the app?

Nope, Rewards will be gone.

But if the BATs are already sent to Uphold, then there is no problem.
Open uphold.com/dashboard and see if the BATs are transferred to your Uphold Account.

My desktop has sent all BAT to the uphold account but the android phone that’s synced hasn’t.


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