An update on recent Brave Rewards issues and next steps

Dear Brave Community,

We discovered three Brave Rewards issues over the past couple months. We wanted to share those issues, address them with next steps, and enable a clear path for all of you to follow up with the Brave support team. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we investigate and fix these issues.

Issue #1: BAT being paid despite Auto-Contribute being turned off

In November 2019, a bug was reported that resulted in BAT being auto-contributed even when Auto-Contribute had been disabled in the Rewards Settings. Both Desktop and Android versions of Brave were affected by these issues. Some users had further complications where the browser replayed auto-contributions/monthly-recurring-contributions in rapid intervals and therefore sent BAT in repeated unwanted contributions.

Initial bug acknowledgement post: For Brave users impacted by the Auto-Contribute bug

Update acknowledge post (with best next steps/instructions for affected users): Acknowledgement of the Auto-Contribute issue on Brave browser

The auto-contribute issue was fixed in January on Desktop and Android, so please upgrade your browsers to get the fixes. If you have not updated your browser, please do so to prevent the issue from occurring again.

We will reimburse the lost BAT to affected users and we will bonus 100% the reimbursement. If you have reached out to us previously, please be patient and we will update this thread when BAT reimbursements have been issued - reimbursements will appear as claimable “grants” in your browser.

Issue #2: January payments did not settle for a few creators

Some creators were not paid in the last Brave Rewards settlement process that was due by Jan 8th. We have rectified these accounts and already paid out most of the users who were affected.

We continue to work on this issue, and any missing payments that remain will likely be paid by February.

If you do not receive a payment by February 8th, please contact Brave support via email at Use the subject line “Jan/Feb payout not received” and please ensure that you have a verified Uphold account linked to your Creators account in order to be eligible for payout. Make sure you write in using the email address associated with your Creators account.

Initial bug acknowledgement post: Notice: Creator/Publisher Payout Error (January 13, 2020)

Issue #3: Missing referral downloads from Creators dashboard

Yet another issue that surfaced recently was that some of the creators found that their referral downloads were not being counted correctly. We experienced a temporary outage between Jan 10, 2020 and Jan 13, 2020 that caused failure to log referral codes appropriately. This issue has been resurrected and we are ensuring that the download numbers are double checked before we post a fix.

We can assure that none of your downloads or confirmations will be lost. Any impacted accounts will be fixed by February 15th, and your dashboard numbers should return to normal then. You’ll be paid out for any missing downloads in the March 8th payout (this was the original date for payment against these missing downloads).

There’s no need to reach out to Brave Support for this issue. Your downloads will automatically be restored.

We thank you for your patience as we are dealing with hundreds of incoming support cases. Please be patient as we sort out these issues. If you have any questions, let us know here in this thread.


The Brave Rewards team


I have a question about missing funds. My rewards summary says ive earned over $60 US funds from ad’s, when I decided to transfer some of that only $31 US funds were available. where did the remaining funds go?


I had months of rewards that suddenly no long display in my account. Please help fix.

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I hope all referral not confirm from september should be counted too because i have a lot of referral from that month completed brave use but not added on my dahboard.

I have a email to brave support for check my brave account. i hope everything going right. Thank you for your Best Support.

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For those that were impacted by issue #1 on the post above where BAT was sent to verified creators despite the auto contribute flag being turned OFF, or those impacted by the bug where auto/monthly contributions were sent multiple times, those refunds have been processed, and the BAT will be deposited directly into your Brave wallet. Please allow 48hrs for the BAT to reach your wallet.

If you have additional questions after the 48hr period is over please reach out directly to the Rewards Community subcategory.

The auto-contribute issue was on Desktop and Android back in January, so please upgrade your browsers on these platforms to get the fixes. If you have not updated your browser, please do so to prevent the issue from occurring again.


Hello could you please clarify on Issue #3 whereby referrals stats stop being recorded on Main Blue Dashboard but were Recorded on The lower side of the Graph where it shows all time accumulated referrals. Downloads / Installs / Confirmed. Will the increase be counted from lower or main blue dashboard provided we have Screenshots of the records before … :new_moon_with_face: Kindly assist


@Asad @steeven assist on the above case

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There is a known bug involving the stats not updating properly; no matter what, your balances will be settled to the highest number recorded at payout time (i.e if they were higher on your dashboard before or if more recent ones weren’t counted)


Good to hear that… At least the bottom one is reflecting … No more worries :relieved: Thanks :handshake:


Bueno el mismo problema me está pasando a mí que en el tablero azul principal todos mis marcadores están en Cero(0) y la tabla de estadística si se actualiza espero y tomen en cuenta cada usuario que se registrado bajo mi link


hello sir, I also experience the A-C bug last 3 months ago and until now. I already email this with the info you need hope to receive the refund ASAP. Thanks & God Bless

Please ,on#3 its 15 and there’s no difference. No downloads have been confirmed on my dashboard.

Issue #2: January payments did not settle for a few creators

I’ve sent the email.
So what next??

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@Asad I have been affected with the #3 issue and promises were made for issues to be clarified by 15th of Feb. Yesterday passed and nothing was done. My download and referral confirmation numbers are incorrect. Please a solution would be really appreciaged.


Problem # 3 has not been resolved, although it was promised before February 15.

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Any word on this yet?


My estimated BAT’s earned disappeared and went back to zero yesterday. I have auto contribute turned off. Any updates on this?