Constant problems with Brave Rewards

  1. My current MacOS browser version: [Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)] Up to date
    My Auto-Contribute has always been deactivated, never been touched.
    Account verified and KYC’d with Uphold.

  2. I’ve been experiencing several issues with BAT rewards unaccounted for and very often some BAT rewards being taken away from my count. For example, two days ago i was at 33 BAT accumulated for the month of June, yesterday, it went down to 28.9. Than after receiving more ads, it went up to 30, and then this morning back down to 28.9 again.

Also, whenever i receive a promotional image from Blockfi or eToro or whatever, saying i am being paid, it’s pretty clear that i am not. So, would it be possible to have this issue looked into please?
And finally for the past few months now, it seems like i would get 0.1 BAT reward for every 3 ads received, when before it was 0.1 for every ad. I’m just wondering where the issue is and if there’s anything that can be done on my end.

I don’t mean to be pointing fingers, but it appears lately the Brave team has been in the habit of pulling quick ones on its users, so let’s hope this gets resolved.

I’ve been using brave for over a year now, and never had such issues, ever since a couple months ago up until today, So i decided to register on the community forum, hopefully finding answers.

Awaiting reply, Thanks

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