Auto contribute bug again (or still)

Been waiting for a month for a resolution to the 96.6 BAT that was auto contributed back to Brave Software, and just now 20.6 BAT was sent to me and immediately 20.6 BAT sent straight back to Brave Software.

I don’t even have auto contribute on right now. Well, now I have ads switched off too. And I guess I better drain my Uphold account before auto contribute bug does. :confounded:

Hi @Kelltech, so sorry this is happening to you – we’re still trying to get to the bottom of this bug and will definitely be refunding everyone in full once it’s fixed (we’re holding off on the refunds until then just so people don’t get their wallets drained over and over)! A fix should definitely be landing this month.

If you haven’t emailed in regarding your missing BAT yet, please do so!


Hey @Asad, thank you for the update and the clarification. I did email the required information today. Appreciate knowing you guys are working on it, best of luck!!


I’ve used the browser for two months. Auto-contribute is turned off but the browser still keeps taking everything it can out of Uphold. The nav bar still contains the red triangle which says “Your scheduled monthly payment for Auto-Contribute and monthly tips could not be completed due to insufficient funds”.

On clicking the rewards triangle brings up a dialog that has contribution amount set for Brave Publishing. There is a button mostly hidden under a bar containing a sad face emoticon, with more “Not enough tokens please add funds”.

So as a new user, I get told “insufficient funds”, “please add funds”. I have the carrot of earning funds, but then on the payout date, they all disappear and the messages remain in the browser.

The solution is to make auto-contribute -> off , actually mean off. Not have hidden auto-contribute stuff set by default when the browser is installed, and then made extremely difficult (or impossible) to turn off.

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