Brave browser sending BAT to brave publishers

Hi there,

I’m still kinda new to the crypto scene and wondering if anyone can tell me why my BAT keeps being sent to BRAVE PUBLISHERS? I have attached a screenshot to show you what i mean. Any help would be appreciated. I’m also using windows 10 64-bit.

Brave browser version. 1.5.115

Hi welcome to the Brave community,
If Auto-Contribute is enabled,
Sites added to this table (Auto-Contribute) will receive automatic donations from your Wallet on a monthly basis.

To turn on or turn off Auto-Contribute,
Go to - Menu - Brave rewards.

(Auto-Contribute : An automatic way to support publishers and content creators.)

if you want to know more about Auto-Contribute,
visit the following link,

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I need to know where the BAT has gone and how I can get it back?

I didn’t set this up and this isn’t right that it can be direct debited straight out of your account without your knowledge.

How exactly do I fix this and get the BAT attention token back because I didn’t send it the publishers.


(Goto - Menu c1 - Brave rewards)

Turn off - Auto-Contribute

(@eljuno is it possible get back auto contribution BAT?)

Yes, it’s possible @CGNV. If @b4ckfl1p have Auto-contribute OFF and the contribution still processed.

See For Brave users impacted by the Auto-Contribute bug if you believe you encounter this issue @b4ckfl1p.


hi there, cheers for the reply. I have auto contribute turned off how can i get the BAT back that got sent automatically, is there a way? thanks again.

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