Notice: Creator/Publisher Payout Error (January 13, 2020)

Dear Creators,

We found an internal error that may have affected payouts to certain creators over the past few months. If you were affected, you may not have received your monthly payout on the 8th even though you met all the usual criteria, or normally have received creator payouts in previous months. We are currently investigating the error and will continue to provide updates over the next 48 hours.

We should be able to determine which accounts in particular were affected, and if we believe your account was one of them, you should receive an e-mail to your email address in the coming days.

If you do not receive an e-mail in the coming days and still believe you may have been affected by this error, you can reach out to our support address at or post in our dedicated Brave Community payout megathreads, here:

We apologize for this error, and again would like to thank each and every creator for being part of a Brave new web.


The Brave & BAT Team

Please note:

  1. This only affects payouts for Creators ( This does not affect Brave Ads payouts to Brave browser users.
  2. This is not related to account suspensions.
  3. We will not be rendering support for specific accounts in this thread. Please use the megathreads above or contact us via the publisher support email address.
  4. Please be reminded that if you did not receive your Creators payout, it does not mean you were affected by this error. There are many common reasons why you may not have received a payout in a given month: e.g., (1) if you did not have a verified Uphold account attached to your account by the end of the payout month (e.g., by November 30th for the December 8th payout); (2) monthly payouts are for BAT earned over the previous calendar month only. Any BAT received in the first week of the current payout month is rolled over to the next month. Please check your dashboard for any payout notices.

I believe my account was affected by this internal error. I didn’t receive the creators payouts this month.

I received all the previous payouts till last month smoothly.
I have fully verified uphold account with KYC.
My account is not suspended and was never suspended.


@Asad please process help me.

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But this problem is also related to the problem that Brave referrals statistics are not being updated? For 4 days I have not received an update of my statistics for referring other users. I know my Brave referral is being used but in these 4 days it marks me 0 downloads, 0 installations. What will happen to the facilities that are not appearing in the statistics? Do we lose them? Will they all add up when you solve the problems? Because if I am referring users in forums and social networks and I will not receive anything, I stop my activity right now until the problem is solved. Thanks greetings.

I just entered my statistics and as of January 14 they have already started working. Today I am registering download and installation activity. My question is … What will happen with all the downloads and instances that were made a few days ago? I lose them?


My statistics on referrals are not working. Any help please?

Thanks in advance…

its the 14 and i still haven’t gotten any payout

Hi @chriscat , i was affected by this internal error. I didn’t receive december rewards, i send a e-mail to support+publishers@brave.come in order to check my info, i wait your answer, thanks.

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24 hours that is really busy has passed, hopefully tomorrow all creators / publishers will get paid for January 2020 (Period 1 -31 December 2019).

if anyone feels they have received an email from Brave Support and received payment this month. Please help to share information (Payment Proof) using Screenshot or TX Url ( from your Uphold Activity Dashboard), transparency of that information will be very useful for other Creators / Publishers to find out if this process has been running and start paying payments that are delayed.

So, this post will stay updated in the top position until there are no more problems with Creator payment being delayed / not yet received.


My January Pending Payment Report

  • Today is January 16, 2020 in my location (UTC + 7, Jakarta)
  • Payment in January has not yet been received and is already late 8 Days from the last day of the frozen period: 1 - 8 January 2020.
  • Payment in January has not yet been received and has been 48 hours of the estimated time informed in the post Notice: Creator/Publisher Payout Error (January 13, 2020) at 14 January 2020
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Still Not Receive January Payment

  • Today is January 17, 2020 in my location (UTC + 7, Jakarta)
  • Payment in January has not yet been received and is already late 9 Days from the last day of the frozen period: 1 - 8 January 2020.

Update (Jan 17, 2020): We were able to find the users affected by this bug and push their payouts through today. If you believe you were affected, please check your Uphold account for a deposit. You may have also received an e-mail from Uphold confirming the deposit.

This user was one of our affected creators, and has confirmed that they have received their payout.

Thank you for being part of BAT & Brave!

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Track by bitly

Will i lose downloaded on these 3 days?

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My payment has never been processed, I have been waiting for more than 6 months. Every month the same thing (transfer of payment to the next month). When will it end already?
No one answers the letters. No matter how much data I send to each of the brave employees (at their request), it is always the same … there is no answer. MORE THAN 6 MONTHS! (((
Temporarily (I hope) I stop working (I’m tired of enduring).

P.S. YouTube made it possible to rename the address bar as I want.
In its old form, it looks like this

Became so:
Was like that:

hmm … maybe this is all the problems with my account …

Hi. i think i have this problem to on my brave creator account. Can you check my brave account thats will going everythink ok on my wallet and payment Transfers to me? Thank you for youre Suppor Help Sir!

I ask myself the same question.

I give up the facilities of those 3 days.


Hi everyone! Here’s an update on this issue - please read if you are affected!


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