Aggregate Topic: Outdated Brave crashing on YouTube

Shields UP
Allow al trackers and ads
Fixed the Crash
But the Custom Filters are Not Being Blocked, Any way to Block ?

I have been using Brave for a long time but I am out. If you can’t patch the last versions for Windows 7, where 3% of the worlds computers (42M) are running it, that shows a real lack of concern. Back to Firefox I go.

No it’s happening on win10 as well.

@hsmith See my mega-post here:

@arioch too, unless you’re just helping fanboynz out with troubleshooting.

These fixes didn’t work for me. For anyone out there still trying to “fix” your Brave browser who is stuck/still using Win7 or Win8 (or any “outdated” OS) I’d suggest not to dedicate much more time to trying and “fix” Brave. I just used another browser, it’s not an elegant solution and I was using Brave cuz it was faster, but I rather take a few more seconds of loading and a few more MB/GB of RAM usage if it at least doesn’t crash upon simply clicking a random website. Because in my case, it crashes in a few other websites, all of them must’ve had some sort of video ad playing automatically.

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If you think you know which sites they are, please let us know. It helps with insight into what else could be causing this to happen. If it’s not just YT/google, then I’ll need to add something else to that list to avoid crashes.
And as I listed in that post, there’s also uBlock Origin that can still assist with keeping those things from loading in this and other browsers. Not to mention fanboynz (a contributor who has posted in this very thread) mentions as much (Site changed by me to encompass most browsers.)

He’s letting us know outright that it’s similar to Brave if you still want to have that convenience.

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Windows 10 up to latest version(s) available. Brave 1.64.116, I’ve tried with all extensions disabled and Youtube will still crash Brave if I leave the tab active, otherwise it will consume 60-80% CPU.

I’ve seen a few of these and the focus always goes to “your (setup) has missing patches” well mine doesn’t yet so how does that work.

I could do all of this, but because I didn’t know that support for Windows 8.1 had ended, I uninstalled Brave. Now it no longer installs on Windows. But as soon as I change PCs I install Windows 10 or 11 and reinstall Brave, for sure. Thanks.

as this was the only suggestion that worked for me concerning the Brave/YouTube issue, I wonder if it would be in a most visible spot on this forum related to this subject:

Definite Solution To Brave Crashing With YouTube

Thank you so very much.
Your suggestion worked for me.
I think your suggestion ought to be in the top reply or in the most visible spot related to this Brave/YouTube issue.

I don’t know exactly how things work here. But if I knew and it could be done I would do it.

It has been mentioned a few times in this thread, however this is half-solution, as Brave still crashes on every other site that has YT embedded. So you’d have to add every single website that causes you issues to that exception list…

Wait, the github 1.46.134 wasn’t able to install on your machine? If not, try older versions until one finally works for you. And don’t forget to disable the shields for YT and grab uBlock Origin and add those two lines.

The reason I added that uBlock Origin bit and left it in my post is because it should help with preventing that issue. If you still encounter problems, it needs to be mentioned so someone can potentially look into it.
(The post located here, for those just visiting the thread and don’t want to read through it all )

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Oh yes, sites with Youtube embedded still crash with the following combination:

  • Brave shields set to “Standard” BUT
  • Disabled on
  • uBlock Origin set to ON those specific websites

Only way to avoid the crashing for me is to disable the shields globally. But this means I would have to go back and forth to the shield settings depending what site I’m browsing.

A fix for youtube went out, should be available in Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.4985 in brave://components. Will fix


I’ll give that a test now (with my uBlock page-wide safety net in case it borks immediately on page load)

EDIT: That did indeed fix the insta-crash issue.
Further info: page doesn’t load anything but a few bits but it’s a much better state than before.

I’ve seen it like this before so I’m able to comfortably able to say it’s “normal” for me.

I tested a few videos in win7 build, no breakages. Only issue is some video ads will slip through


Disabling a core feature of Brave is NOT a fix it is a “workaround,” at best, and still broken objectively.

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Woohoo! It worked this time. I used the Brave Standalone installer. Youtube is working normally and I didn’t need to make any changes. I already used the UBlock Origin extension. Everything returned to normal. I am really happy. Thanks man.

Brave Standalone.png