Aggregate Topic: Outdated Brave crashing on YouTube

I rolled out a fix for win7/8 users today for youtube. You may still some ads, but it won’t crash.


wwhere do we get it,is there a link

Visit brave://components, and just update down the whole list.

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Even disabling Global Shields wasn’t working, Youtube still crashed.
After your fix, this now worked for me:
Visit brave://components , and just update down the whole list.

We don’t expect full-on updates with all features working, but it’s nice not to have it crash and burn just for visiting a website, google search page, or page that hosts embedded vids.
Really, thanks for this. It’s nice to be able to continue using Brave. I was having to use Firefox for my video watching! No need now. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Currently crashing again. Even on a new profile. :frowning:

Ach, scratch my previous post. I updated it again and it’s now crashing again. Can’t remember what it was before (the first time I clicked it), but it’s now
Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.4991
and crashing again only on :frowning:

W7 x64, Brave 1.47.186

Please double-check. Really appreciate this, btw.

I should’ve screencapped what version it was on my end before hitting update just now but I guess I’ll edit this post after checking to see what happens.

These are what got updated/were up to date before this check.

EDIT: After testing, can confirm. Crashing returned. @fanboynz

Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.4991 ← April 4
Brave Browser Version 1.47.186 in Windows 7-x64

What I’m noticing now is the Brave Ad Block Updater update causes the “Trackers & ads blocking” setting to change back to Standard (from Disabled) each time I restart Brave!

Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.4999 (April 5) seems to have fixed my issues! So far no crashing and YouTube is opening as usual! Still have “Trackers & ads blocking” disabled but it stays disabled now after a restart!

Thank You!

really…? the vesion im using is 1.47.186 and has the option to

Hmm I just updated it to Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.5000
And it’s still crashing for me :frowning:

Didn’t get the time to test 1.0.4999. Can you try with the new 5000 version and see if it crashes for you again?

I’ll try a PC restart in a bit to see if that helps.

On my pc Brave Ad Block Updater updates by itself, no need to initiate an update. That being said the current version is now 1.0.5001 and seems to also be working. No crashing and YouTube is opening as usual! Still have “Trackers & ads blocking” disabled but it still stays disabled after a restart!

Was out shopping but will continue to check over the next few hours and will update if Brave crashes!

Very Hard to Accept the Failure of Win 8.1 and Myself for Not being able to fix it…

But For Now, I have Found the Reason for why it was crashing Even after disabling Shields(It was due to Multiple Profiles, Shields for yt Must be Whitelisted on all Profiles).

Crash Issue Fixed

Adblocking-> Using my own Method Still Works

I Believe these videos will add clarity on why adblocking Issue of Shields can Still be Fixed in updates…

Please take your time for Fixing Adblock But for Now, While Shields are UP and Even if User has Allowed all Trackers and ads, Kindly update the adblocker to STILL Block the Custom Elements Which an user has added to Content Filters…

The Elements and Infinte Scroll Render blocking Followed here is not working while Shields are UP and Allow all trackers and ads is used…

Fix for this issue is If Shields is up, Regardless of what setting users are using (Aggressive, Standard block or Allow all ads), Custom Elements Must Still be Blocked.

VM Guide will be added on Saturday, April 6.

It seems varied on when it updates components. I haven’t touched it since last night and I might still be on those versions I posted above.
After looking at brave://components:

(I’m peeved it doesn’t align properly and shows up crooked)
And now after checking for updates:
image image
3 updated.

Unfortunately similar to this post here Aggregate Topic: Outdated Brave crashing on YouTube - #233 by Hotdogs555 it’s still crashing again.

Rolling out an updated fix now, give it an few hours.


Will do. Also, thanks again for looking into and fixing this.

I had problems with latest version of Brave crashing when I tried to do anything with bookmarks. Had to restart my desktop to get rid of it. However, all problems stopped happening when I activated “automatically send crash reports”. Using Ubuntu 22.04…as far as i’m concerned you cannot rule out that it’s the fault of windows 7,8,10 or 11 because they are all crap.

4:20pm PST
Current Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.5004, updated about 2:30pm.

Still no crashes, YouTube opens and videos play as usual! Still have “Trackers & ads blocking” disabled but it still stays disabled after a restart!

Seems all is good in the universe again! LOL!!!

Thanks to everyone who helped!

image image
Just updated these and will test now.
It’s back to my version of normal with no crash (AKA: stable)

Everytime youtube updates ads, and filter list authors add new rules, we’ll need to fix rules for win7/8 and older macs. Unfortant, because we don’t support older Brave builds so we need to create these work arounds

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@fanboynz is there not a way to prevent the updates from being sent to these outdated versions of Brave? I mean, once outdated and unsupported, why would they continue to fetch updates…especially if those updates can break things?