Why is google/youtube targetting Brave? It has less then 1% of market share

Also want to note, Brave tends to go out of there way for people even when they don’t need to. I’ve spoken to the idea they don’t need to fix anything and generally don’t push out updates. That said, Fanboynz and others at Brave seem to have looked more into it and made adjustments.

The above are still rolling out. You may have to give it a few hours from the time of this reply.

And if that doesn’t work or you want to see alternative thoughts, another user shared as you can see below:


Keep in mind my responses have been to the accusation in the title of the topic here and the wrong accusations. It also was laying out the grounds for expectations. Coming to report an issue is fine. As people talk and see it, sometimes things get done as you see it’s happening here.

What isn’t good is when people act like it’s mandatory. It’s critical to know when you’re requesting a favor compared to fighting to get something you’re owed. When you use outdated software or OS, you’re not guaranteed anything. The attitudes, assumptions, and phrasing from people posting in various places were insane. Hence my responses trying to call people out on it. (though admittedly, perhaps shouldn’t have or could/should have phrased better)

Anyway, hopefully fixes being worked on and delivered work for people. And I do want to suggest, especially for OP, try to ask questions and research a bit before appearing with false accusations or poor attitudes.

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