Aggregate Topic: Outdated Brave crashing on YouTube

Update: April 5, 2024:

And if that doesn’t work, you can try below:

Original Post:

I’m gathering all these topics into one, as I’m getting annoyed at all the duplicate topics. They are constantly drowning out important issues people are having. As for this issue, here’s the main points for those of you on Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac 10.14 or older, etc or using Brave versions older than 1.64:

  • The majority of people are seeing the crashing issue go away when you disable Shields. It is best to completely disable all settings under Shields and then to install uBlock Origin for now.

  • Some have said that deleting %AppData% has helped, so you can give that a try…at least on Windows.

  • Most important: If you’re using an outdated version of Brave, especially on an unsupported OS, you are on your own. There will not be any updates or modifications made for you. This is part of the risk in you refusing to update.

  • Customer support is limited. They really can’t do much to help you but to offer basic troubleshooting steps and to tell you to disable features. They have their hands full trying to help fix issues on the current versions, nobody has the time or money to spend helping people who refuse to update.

Do note, I’m not saying this rudely or to be mean. All I know how to do is just speak the truth. I’m saying it calmly and about as direct as I can, with no deception or anything. Everything stated is just the facts and where we end up. There is a possibility that future script updates might somehow reverse damage being done, but there’s no guarantees. For now, it’s just best to assume Shields is useless if you’re on an older version of Brave and don’t update.

And to quote someone from Brave:

Yeah, its due to the older win7 adblock-rust code base.

  • If you’re on Win 10/11/Linux/Mac (Arm). No changes needed, just use the latest version of Brave.
  • If you’re on windows 7, 8, 8.1, disable (globally) sheilds via brave://settings/shields. “Ads & trackers” and install uBlock Origin via

Crashes only occur since win7/8 builds aren’t maintained and don’t support the current adblock rules causing crashing.

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I was trying to load my brave like normal but when I opened my YouTube it automatically crashed down
I thought It was a normal issue so I tried to do it again but after 4 times I restarted my PC but it didn’t fixed it then I reinstalled it but nothing changed,
Everything else is working normaly but as soon as I open my YouTube it crashes down I don’t know what to do.
My version is v 1.46.153

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The same problem here! youtube dont like Brave.

same issue brother my version is
Version 1.46.144 Chromium: 108.0.5359.128 (Official Build) (32-bit)

To all the above, there’s an open thread here:

Hey, I tried disabling all shields and even disabling ublock YouTube still crashes.
Am I gonna need to find a browser that is still being supported?

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If you’re on win 10 and up:
I recommend backing up what you can on the browser. Then make a back-up of
C:\Users\ [user]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data
Once that’s done, update your browser.

If you’re on an older OS, we need to wait for brave to push a shield component update. Until then, you’re going to need to use a different browser temporarily. It’s what I ended up doing.


Well I don’t expect them to update their non-win10 software.
Thanks for the reply though.

This is an odd issue where it’s “updated” across ALL brave versions. It’s affecting things like Android and Linux distros too. It’s strictly because it’s trying to fight youtube’s ads. It’s a component (like, a hidden-ish part) of Brave’s shields.

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Guys try this it worked for me

Turn “Brave Shields” off for YT explicitly by adding it to the “Shields Down” section of

Settings → Privacy and Security → Site and Shields Settings → Shields status

stops the browser crashes. (Of course, you can also disable “Shields” completely for ALL sites, but going through the path described above allows you to disable content filtering specifically to the affected sites)

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Know I replied to this post on another thread but for the benefit of any reading this one, my version of Brave (v 1.56.20) doesn’t appear to have this facility.

Brave keeps closing/crashing immidiately when opening a tab (Youtube and some other websites) except few exceptions.Its basically unusable at the moment.No change has been made to my computer since yesterday that it worked fine.I also tried many possible solutions i found like disabling adblocks and resetting flags to defaults and blablabla.I also had blocked access to the brave community website for at least a couple of hours.And all this resulted in me losing my 70 saved tab i always oepn on brave startup…:
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Open brave
2.Open new tab with youtube,or reset tabs,or open a bookmarked tab
3.Brave closes with no error message

Expected result:

1.47.186 :*

Windows 7:


Same thing with me on the same version and a reinstall didn’t do jack for me.

You mean since today?Did you also lose acess to the community website?

I did. I’m on my phone now.

Thank you for reaching out.
Unfortunately I’m not sure how much we can do for you here, given that you are using an outdated version on an outdated OS. I understand that that is likely by choice but the crashes could be caused by something that will not be fixed (do to the fact that you cannot update beyond the version you’re using).

I would suggest trying some common troubleshooting steps — for example, if you create a new browser profile and try to use that profile, does the browser still crash?

Yeah it did for me. I tried everything I could and this is driving me nuts.

Man you do realise many people still use outdated OS for better compatibility with certain programs? Also why did this suddenly start as of today?Did you make any changes? I think you should have a stable version for the older OS and not just treat it this way…After all if Brave is all about privacy you should be supportive of older OS


No changes at all were made. It just did this and now I have blown 2 hours and nothing has stopped the crashes. Am I going to just have to give up on this browser?

@Spiros and @Ziko issue on using unsupported versions of the browser or even unsupported OS as you are is that you can’t get support (unsupported = you get no more support). Businesses are in things for the money and there’s no money to be made from maintaining outdated stuff. It just is a lot of effort. There’s a reason why you don’t see people making things that work for Windows 7, Android 6, etc. But not even just that, it becomes a security risk.

As to the issue you guys are having, it should just be resolved from disabling Shields. It seems the origin is from the adblocking. Those who disable it say the crashing goes away. It’s suggested you use uBlock Origin on older versions when/if you refuse to update.