Brave Crashing when using better twitch TV

bettertwitchTV extension crash , and when i was creating an account to post said crash. the link brave sends crash the browser. I had to use the main branch brave to activate this account, im not sure what is causing the crash because idk where the log is at because its not in the brave folder.

Hi @dontsellmyinfothanx, thanks for bringing this up.

I’m probably going to write a brief breakdown of crash reporting and how it works for people to read here in Community. There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding crashes and how they’re sent and I think it’d be useful to make that information readily available. So again, I appreciate you drawing my attention to it.

We’ve been dealing with crashes quite a bit recently. Team is already all over them but there are some things known to crash Beta. Do you have Brave Rewards enabled by chance?

i do not, only time the beta browser stopped crashing is when i turned off the bettertwitchTV extension . Beside that its been stable .

Ohhhh I see. My apologies, somehow I missed that this was an extension. Give me one moment to test and see if I can reproduce on my end.

i uninstalled>reinstalled and just have bettertwitchTV and no change :frowning:

You may be running into this:

Try going to Settings --> Advanced --> Brave Shields Defaults and set the Cookie Control setting to Allow all Cookies to confirm.

its more stable, but it still crash when i click on a different tab .