Aggregate Topic: Outdated Brave crashing on YouTube

You can find a copy here, I did the same as you as had this issue first on 31st March. Search down the list for the zip file, when you unpack it there’s no installation, it seems like a portable version so I put the folder in the Brave directory once it was pinned to taskbar, then I applied the fix as directed in the quote at the top of this thread (see below) and no more issues on youtube:

It was impossible to find it on github, I found the link in this post on reddit, so the credit goes to Darth_Agnon for providing the information:

Thanks for the quick and thoughtful reply. But:

Disabling shields globally only seem to work for new sites. Which is better than nothing but the sites we’ve already visited still have their own instance of the settings where shields is still active. And since we can’t revisit youtube, for example, and alter those settings, we’re still stuck. Unless there is a way to reinitialize shields’ settings, delete those separate settings instances. Is there?

SpyOS: Of course that keeping your OS uptodate is the only way to have best security. But not privacy, which is a very different thing. When Windows 7 or older were around, Micro$oft just wasn’t into spying yet.
Not sure how making a browser would fix the OS. There’s many intrusions and data collection that happen outside the browser (i.e. search, assistant, Teams, cloud services). So even if you use Brave and assume the browser part is covered, you’re still butt naked to M$ and their partners if you use the newer Winblows.
I know this is not a conspiracy theory. I’ve read many reports of Windows hiding/obfuscating privacy settings (as many and as spread as possible for maximum annoyance), not respecting your choices or silently resetting these choices at the first OS update. They do the same to push their bloatware, the dull browser, skype/Teams (the ultimate trojan), search engine, “assistants”, cloud services etc.
I cannot forgive and forget how they promised a final Windows 10 version, maintained forever under the same license, just to renege and force the worse 11 (with a new license and cost) down our throats. This company is not to be trusted.
As for “experts” getting together, here are some: AME, ReviOS, Tiny11, plus a multitude of websites advising how to stop (some of) data collection. Until the next update.

uBlock still working: I see. Well, I’d keep Brave with uBlock if I could disable Shields for all websites, even already visited.

Final two questions:
What triggered this crisis, who changed what?
Killing the entire browser reeks of intentional sabotage, am I right?


Go to clear browsing data and clear Site and Shields settings and make sure the time range is for All Time and not the native 1 hour or whatever. This clears any changes you made from all sites.

I quoted earlier, but I’ll quote again:

Yeah, its due to the older win7 adblock-rust code base.

  • If you’re on Win 10/11/Linux/Mac (Arm). No changes needed, just use the latest version of Brave.
  • If you’re on windows 7, 8, 8.1, disable (globally) sheilds via brave://settings/shields. “Ads & trackers” and install uBlock Origin via

Crashes only occur since win7/8 builds aren’t maintained and don’t support the current adblock rules causing crashing.

One thing nobody has confirmed with me is whether components update. If they do, and I’m assuming they must, then when new adblock rules updated the issue came to play. This is because new content filters/syntax have things that the older doesn’t, so there would be an incompatibility issue.

It might be nice if someone can check as I referenced at Aggregate Topic: Outdated Brave crashing on YouTube - #124 by Saoiray

Any and all potential fixes and explanations I tried to assemble in one post here:

They do. That’s the ONE thing that still kicks in across all versions of Brave, and it happened in the afternoon EST on Apr 1st.

One of the things I’m not aware of a setting for a rollback, import, and/or pause in updates. Or where to get the other versions available.

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Thanks for confirming that, @Hotdogs555.

@Mattches @fanboynz

How does this work with older versions? I’m shocked it’s still pinging and sending updates to components and all. Is there a way to do as mentioned here, of rolling back or pausing the updates? I would have honestly thought that unsupported versions would no longer get any type of updates, even through components.

Obviously Youtube has modified something on their end to try to prevent people from using Adblockers, since you did not modify your Brave Version, the change is obviously done from their part.

Not sure if this work on win7:

Add the following into brave://adblock (custom rules). See if this helps with the crashing. Test without using another Adblocker, with shields up on Youtube.,,, script, /^(\(function serverContract\(\))/s, '/*start*/(function(){const wrapper=(target,thisArg,args)=>{let content=Reflect.apply(target,thisArg,args);if(content.includes("ssapPrerollEnabled")){const modifiedContent=content.replace(/\n.\n.playerConfig\.ssapConfig\.ssapPrerollEnabled.{2}(?:tru|fals)e/,"");return modifiedContent;}return content;};const handler={apply:wrapper};window.atob=new Proxy(window.atob,handler);const scripts=document.querySelectorAll("script");for(let i=scripts.length-1;i>=0;i--){if(scripts[i].textContent.startsWith("/*start*/")){scripts[i].textContent=scripts[i].textContent.replace(/\/\*start\*\/(.*)\/\*end\*\//g,"");break}}}());/*end*/$1'),,, script, /^(\(function serverContract\(\))/s, /*start*/(function(){const wrapper=(target\,thisArg\,args)=>{let content=Reflect.apply(target\,thisArg\,args);if(content.includes("ssapPrerollEnabled")){const modifiedContent=content.replace(/\n.\n.playerConfig\.ssapConfig\.ssapPrerollEnabled.{2}(?:tru|fals)e/\,"");return modifiedContent;}return content;};const handler={apply:wrapper};window.atob=new Proxy(window.atob\,handler);const scripts=document.querySelectorAll("script");for(let i=scripts.length-1;i>=0;i--){if(scripts[i].textContent.startsWith("/*start*/")){scripts[i].textContent=scripts[i].textContent.replace(/\/\*start\*\/(.*)\/\*end\*\//g\,"");break}}}());/*end*/$1)
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bro for some reason after trying manys tuff to make it work i cannot view the brave home page can you help

I second this, it worked for me too.
I’m using Version 1.47.186 Chromium: 109.0.5414.119 (Official Build) (32-bit)

I added in Shields Down.

go to brave browser Settings > Privacy and security > Site and Shields Settings > Shields status then add youtube site ( on Customized behaviors > Shields Down.

I’m also using ublock origin but youtube site does not crash anymore after doing this tweak. thanks to this community thread and to grimenio.


Can you check my suggestions above, see if it helps? without disabling shields

I tried your suggestion but it crashed again after I removed the shield down exception for youtube site and replaced it with the filter you posted. I had ublock origin when i tried it.

Bless you sir.
That fixed the crashing issue at least, and it’s a method to turn off the shields WITHOUT needing to visit the site. What an odd section to put that Shields setting. I never would’ve looked there since there was already a Shields section.

I’ve got kind of a wonky setup but that didn’t work when I tested with ublock off and shields up for yt.

Thank you very much for your response.
Turning Shields off was not the solution for me.
I would have to upgrade to Windows 10.
I’ve been thinking about that for quite some time, but thought it be a lot of work.
I’ll look at it again, I can watch the videos on YouTube using Epic:

“How to Upgrade Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10 Without the Media Creation Tool or Losing Data!”

It’s just that everything still works fine on my Windows 8.1, except YouTube with Brave. Besides that also Brave still works fine.

Thank you much again.

I have two identical HP Elitebooks 850G1. (I liked this version so much that when I saw it offered again “like new” but without the original box I got a second one as well. From a company that leased them, but these were brand new in their original plastic wrapped packaging. So never used yet, For a 40 % discount.)

But I just realized I had to replace the keyboard of the first one I got years ago, and it turned out not to be identical to the original one, although it makes no difference to me. But it has the issue of me having to press “enter” within 15 seconds when my laptop restarts, otherwise it closes down again.

So I cannot upgrade because for that the system has to go through various reboots.

But I can do it with my new hardly ever used second one. (Only used a few times to set a system backup made from the other daily used one on it. Then putting it back in the original plastic wrapping and brown HP box. Without the more fancy original inside HP box which I don’t care for, and for missing that got the 40 % discount in 2016.)

So I might upgrade that laptop to windows 10. For some future time. In the mean time continuing with the daily used one. (With Epic for YouTube and Brave when I feel like it. I could not make Brave my default browser. But it worked as if it were. Yet now with Epic added, that became my default. I can still utilize Brave of course, and most often will.)

go to brave browser Settings > Privacy and security > Site and Shields Settings > Shields status then add youtube site ( on Customized behaviors > Shields Down.

I’m using ublock origin but youtube site does not crash anymore after doing this tweak. thanks to this community thread and to grimenio.

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I just was given this solution and it worked:

"Go to brave browser Settings > Privacy and security > Site and Shields Settings > Shields status then add youtube site ( on Customized behaviors > Shields Down.

I’m using ublock origin but youtube site does not crash anymore after doing this tweak. thanks to this community thread and to grimenio."

Thank you very very much! :grinning: :heartpulse:

Thank you very, very much!
That worked perfectly for me.

I had installed Epic for watching YouTube videos, but had it removed using Revo Uninstaller (Free). Now Brave is all I need again.

:smiley: :heartpulse:

" Ideally you should be updating your OS and browser." - ideally MS wouldn’t UPLOad spyware in VER 8+ LOL

“disabling Shields will resolve the crashing”… thanks for that, It seems to help!

Shields UP
Allow al trackers and ads
Fixed the Crash
But the Custom Filters are Not Being Blocked, Any way to Block ?