NOTICE: For users on Brave version 1.3.113

Summary: We have seen an elevated number of crashes in the most recent desktop browser update (1.3.113), posted on Friday, February 7, due to sync-related errors. We have temporarily disabled Brave Sync in the latest update as we investigate the problem.

What is the issue?

We started receiving reports from users who were encountering consistent browser crashes on launch after updating to Brave v1.3.113. The crash seemed to be linked to devices that were part of an existing Sync chain, pointing to an issue in our Sync code. Due to the number of users encountering the same issue, we rolled back the update to prevent any further dissemination of the buggy build.

When will this issue be resolved?

We quickly distributed a test build for users to try that, once installed, should have resolved the crashing issues – however, the crashes only stopped for some users, while others are still seeing the same frequent crashes.

While we’re still working to locate and address the source of the issue, we’d like for users to be able to continue using Brave in the interim. As such, we’ve released another update today (02/10/2020) to v1.3.115 – this update, once installed, will disable Brave Sync automatically and should stop crashes caused by this issue for anyone still encountering it.

Note: Initially, only macOS users can download the installer from our website or re-run if you still have it on your system to fetch the update containing the fix.

For Windows and Linux OS users, please download and apply the update directly from our Github:

What if the browser is still crashing after the update?

If you have Automatic Crash reporting enabled, the browser will send Brave team the relevant crash data automatically once the crash occurs. However, whether this option is enabled or not, if you update to v1.3.115 and are still encountering the same consistent crashes, please reply here in this thread and let us know about it, along with your OS and any other behaviors you’re observing about the crash (if any).

If you update and the crashes do stop, please also reply in this thread and let us know that the update was successful for you. This will help us confirm that the fix has done its job and is safe to continue distributing.

Additional Resources

Github issue capturing data/reports on the crash:

Not sure if the crashes you’re encountering are caused by this same issue? Here are some other reports that describe the behavior in detail that you can use to compare: