Tipped over 72h ago but still no BAT in account

I just started as a creator/publisher. I got my website registered and verified with Brave as a creator/publisher. I then also got it linked and verified my ID with Uphold until it said it’s fully connected. After about 24h the Brave browser could see my website as a “Brave Verified Publisher”. All of that was done on a Windows desktop machine.

As a test, I then tipped my website 1 BAT from my Android browser wallet where I had some BAT - my Android browser wallet balance decreased by 1 BAT.

This was more than 72h ago. My publisher account still shows 0 BAT and the Android browser wallet is still 1 BAT short (i.e. the 1 BAT I tipped did go somewhere).

Any clues?

On Uphold, my linked “BAT Rewards” account shows 0 BAT. I tried to see my BAT deposit address on Uphold (which I had to generate, hmm) and then checked it on Etherscan, but Etherscan showed 0 transactions, so those 1 BAT went to some other address, hmm … any clues?

Separately - how can I view my Android Brave browser BAT wallet address? I’d like to check it on Etherscan to see where the 1 BAT have gone


Thoughts, anyone? Curious to understand if I’m missing anything (other than 1 BAT)

Hi @alexr, welcome to Community!

Self tipping is not allowed. It could lead to your account being suspended. Unfortunately any tips made cannot be refunded.

@Aa-ron That doesn’t apply I’m afraid. It’s not the same wallet (and not verified on Uphold either). I also did it only as a test to see how it works and what to expect. it was just 1 BAT which I’m more than happy to donate elsewhere as I always do. I don’t cash out any BAT I earn via Brave. All of it is auto-contributed or tipped to others.

More importantly, though, my question still stands: Why do I still see 0 BAT in the publisher account?

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My friend sent tips to two of my channels 01/30/20. But after logging in to my account it shows I have not received any new tips.

I asked if the tips appeared on her tips pages and she said yes.
She sent me a screenshot of her total tips this month page. If you can help out in any way that’d be nice.

Some of my followers had recently tipped me and told me to check my account.I checked my account but there was no extra BAT.I don’t know why? The statistics is saying that it was updated 6days ago.So is it a problem with the statistics update???

I confirm that-- The follower who tipped me uses brave browser all the time.So it can’t be a problem of processing.

I also asked a friend to tip 1 BAT (MacOS Brave version) which they did. I was sitting next to them. That didn’t show up either.

Seems I’m not the only publisher not receiving the tips. Definitely interested in a solution.

I’m now seeing quite a few threads started about this issue of tips not being received.

I’m wondering if anything is being received at all besides tips (given the balance has been 0 for 4+ days now) … i’m thinking of the auto-contributions from those browsing&reading the website and/or clicking on the ads from it … it’s a pretty visited website with generally long sessions, 5+ minutes)

I’ve tipped this YouTube channel https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCuNY8wbvMZN94cAUdnM-wAg over 35 dollars in bat and it was never recieved although the amount was deducted from my wallet balance what is going on

Same problem here with the GitHub account https://github.com/naimo84

Over 100 bat from a contributor were not received…

The Same with my web site, i can’t receive tips


My friend rewarded me like previous once, and nothing received.

48h has left, where are the BAT? (3 rewards 29/01/2020)
His smartphone’s version :


You’re not alone:

Same 120h ago. Not received

I believe they have a review process of tipping, they dont allow self tipping or even : I tip you from grants, if you tip me from grants among friends. All those tips among friends and family get flagged and are returned to BAT grants.

android are not linked with uphold, so how? where did the clo sent ?

A question to everyone in here: Are any of you an older publisher who has received tips in the past in your publisher wallet? If yes, how is it supposed to work and what’s different now? Are tips supposed to show immediately or is there supposed to be a delay? I’m new, but I don’t know about anyone else in here.

First, technically that’s not possible as these are unverified wallets, and it would be just as moot even if they were verified as it would mean Brave bans all tips everywhere and the idea of having tipping as a feature would be pointless.

More importantly, and respectfully, that would be pretty skewed (to be polite) if it were true as a policy. Friends can appreciate the publisher’s content and would like to support the person just like anyone else. That’s not money laundering. Self-tipping may be different, but at the moment is still an issue on Brave’s plate more than the user’s if you ask me, because on mobile you cannot withdraw and you cannot link the browser wallet to Uphold (there is no way to withdraw other than to self-tip, and that’s if you’re also a registered publisher).

All that said, my publisher wallet is still at 0 BAT after 5+ days…

I can confirm that as of today my publisher balance is no longer zeroand it says “The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later.” So something is happening. However:

  • I can also confirm that in the last 4h the publisher balance decreased (by a small amount, but still), and I haven’t spent any of it. How is this explained?

  • I can also confirm that in the past 6 days this publisher has been tipped a lot more than the current balance (at least by ~4x more from those who confirmed so directly to me).

If there are publishers reading this who had successfully received tips in the past, is there a delay in the tips being credited (in which case the balance would gradually increase to the expected value) or is this behavior abnormal?

It would be best if someone from Brave answered all these queries :slight_smile:

Hi @alexr - thanks a bunch for bringing this to our attention. Can you DM me the email linked to your Creator account? I can take a closer look here. Thanks in advance!

and for other persons? :frowning: