My BAT balance is not correct


Please I got a message from my website visitors stating I was tipped with BAT tokens but only about 102 BAT I am seeing in my Brave dashboard when it should be about 300 or more considering the number of visitors and also I was to be paid on the 8th of January but nothing was sent to me and it is very disappointing. If you guys cannot keep up with all this please stop the project cause I have heard too many complaints concerning Brave browser.


cc @Asad for assistance here.

One question @effk, did you already do KYC with Uphold? There’s a change made recently so publishers required verified Uphold account in order to receive the contribution. Uphold KYC (know-your-customer) verification is now required in order to receive BAT publisher payouts


What about my incorrect balance?


I have not done my KYC but that should not affect the tips sent to me. I should be having over 300 BAT gotten from family and friends who visit my website but what I have is just 102 BAT how do you explain that please cause I was tipped over 17 days ago


You need to complete Uphold KYC to get paid out for tips too – it applies to ALL kinds of BAT payouts. :slight_smile:


cc @Asad In order words what you mean is if I get tipped it won’t show on my brave dashboard cause I am not verified on uphold? If that is the case then why is 102 BAT showing on my dashboard?


We have indeed caught some bugs with the tipping mechanism. Has your balance changed at all?

Your tips should SHOW UP on your balance regardless of verified status – I just meant that you need Uphold verification in order to be PAID :slight_smile:


Have the bugs been fixed?

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