I had a lot of BAT but it's lost/won't sync across different websites

I have a pretty big problem.

I am both a private Brave user, and a Youtuber. I recieved a substantial tip from a viewer, but when I go into my Brave Rewards I can’t even find the money anymore. My wallet IS verified through Uphold, but I just see it saying “1.445 BAT”.

Brave Creators is a separate website and when I log in there, I see a bunch more BAT. I can see the tip there. But I can’t see it anywhere else. When I go into Rewards, my browser, or just Uphold, I don’t see any of my BAT on there. Only 1.445 BAT.

I don’t know what I should do? Do I need to transfer the BAT somehow? I don’t even know where to start.

Which ties into another related question I head: Namely the syncing of rewards across devices.

I installed Brave on my PC, my android, my laptop, and my boyfriends smartphone. All of us are watching several ads per hour, only for it to do nothing. I notice my PC is able to collect ads but my partners phone is unable. He gets commercials on his phone, but every time he clicks them it does nothing. After a week he checked her settings and it looks like BAT isn’t going up at all.

I would be extremely grateful to anyone that could help me. I tried contacting Brave about this directly, but it doesn’t appear there’s any direct tech services other than this forum.

Hope you’re all staying safe out there, and have a nice week

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Brave Creators is a separate stash of BAT, distinct from your Brave Browser’s stash of BAT. You have to initiate a connection from your Brave Creators to your Uphold or Gemini account.

You should create another post regarding the failure for BAT to be credited to the smartphone. Select the category as Brave Rewards > Rewards Support, and follow the format to provide details.

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