I was tipped 105 BAT but the publisher site showed only 70.8 BAT

As the title says, I was tipped 105 BAT (after the brave fee, it should have been 99.7) but the publisher site showed 70.78 BAT as pending, I thought it probably was going to be paid in full but no, I received in uphold only 70.775 BAT. And no, there’s nothing else pending (publisher dashboard still shows 70.78 BAT as pending even though I’ve been already paid). The BAT was tipped before March 1st.

Also related to this, why there’s no a tipping history? I mean, if I want to see how much I was tipped in January or February I can’t.

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I have the same issue. I asked many neighbors to tip me. But I received less than I expected. So I decided to try to tipping myself 30 bats, and received nothing, but my wallet balance decrease

Same issue here i cant believe that my friend tip me 10bat until few days i hot nothing in wallet

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