BAT donated but never received

So my friend had 68 BAT earlier this month on his phone:

Donated them all to me on my Youtube channel:

Auto-contribute is off:

Got nothing on the other end:

Any help? Not the first time he donated to me, first time I got nothing.

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Hi @Darkness_su, welcome to Community!

Self tipping is not allowed. It could lead to your account being suspended. Unfortunately any tips made cannot be refunded.

Hi @Aa-ron, thanks.

Either way, until you guys feel like implementing withdrawals on mobile, this is the only way it’ll go.

Furthermore, that reply doesn’t explain why my BAT vanished into thin air. You’re hardly going to make me believe this is why it happened, since this has been fine the previous times.


@Darkness_su you’re not the only one, see Tipped over 72h ago but still no BAT in account

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