Transferred bat not received

Sir , I had 53 BAT in my brave browser which I earned in 2 months , I transferred them in brave publisher account but received only 19 BAT and all my accounts are completely verified by my I’d , please help

same happened with me yesterday 20 BAT lost

You mean to say you tipped yourself? Brave publisher has its own payment date. For example, if you tipped yourself today (July 11, 2020) but the payment date for brave publisher is July 30, 2020, the BAT you transferred to publisher will only be transfered to Uphold on July 30, 2020, that is why you are not seeing it in your uphold wallet instantly.

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If you transferred by tipping your own publisher site check the payment date on your publisher account.

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bro i transfered again today they reached wallet but yesterday 20 are still missing

i didnot mean uphold, i mean in my brave publisher account

@eljuno check this ASAP

@Muskan @ashokcr75 first, do note self tipping may lead to account suspension.

If you want to withdrawal your BAT from Android wallet, do it via supported way.

  • you need to accumulate 25BAT first
  • use the latest version
  • and you’ll see Verify button when you click BAT triangle icon at URL bar

Regarding this, let me ping @Mattches and @steeven. They can give you more information regarding that.

Same here a friend tipped me 20 Bats I received only 11bats

Why are you “transferring” anything into your Publisher account? If you are earning these BAT as a creator, then the earnings should subsequently be deposited into your Publisher account – there’s no need for you to transfer anything.

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