My BAT Tips Not Shown On My Uphold Anymore

Hi all, especially Brave Official Team,

I’m a verified publisher, I have some verified website (Youtube & Twitter). I have verified Uphold Wallet which connected to my Brave Creator Account.

In the past (7 Dec 2019) All was well. I could receive BAT Tips on my Uphold Wallet. One time. So I think I understand how this all works.

But after that, Nothing shows up on my Uphold Wallet anymore, until now, although by looking at My Brave Creator Dashboard (even now), I know I have some BAT Tips which given to me via my verified sites. But None of it shows up on my Uphold Wallet.
In my Uphold Wallet it shows 0 (Zero).


Please help me.

Thank You in advance.

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Hi there – we are currently working on a fix for this bug. If you could hop on a call with us and walk us through what you’re experiencing, we can try out a fix or two :slight_smile: Let me know ASAP!

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Dear Asad.

Ty for the reply.

I think what I experiencing doesn’t need further explanation.
It is just the same like I explain in my post above;

*I’m a Verified Brave Creator,
*I have a Verified Uphold Wallet Account that is connected to my Brave Creator Account,
*I have some Brave verified sites, youtube & twitter,

*In the past all was well, the amount of BAT Tips that was given to my verified sites, shown up on my Brave Creator Dashboard, and then shown up too on my Uphold Wallet (date; 7 Dec 2019), I have transfer all those BAT from my Uphold Wallet to my other Wallet. So I know all works fine.

My problem is;

*I see on my Brave Creator Dashboard that I have some amount of BAT Tips (from what people given to me through my verified sites)
*But that BAT doesn’t shown up on my Uphold Wallet. (On my Uphold Wallet my fund is 0 (zero), no activity).


Can you help please? (So the BAT I have on my Brave Creator Account I can have it on my Uphold Wallet)

I think this is already very clear.

Thank you.

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@jazzofthufeil not an issue. BAT from tip or A-C will be accumulated on your creator account. Then it’ll be sent to your Uphold account, once a month, around 8th US time zone.

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Ok. but I think it’s been more than one month.

Oh… No Solution at all for few days?

Please see the announcement thread here: Bug Notice: BAT disappearing from balance after upgrade to Brave v1.3

This is a known bug, a fix is on the way.

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ok. Will read that.
I hope it would be fixed soon.

Thanks for the reply

Ok I have read the announcement.
Anyway, with all apologize, I think Brave takes too long time to fix it, and it is really something that can make people distrust Brave, the longer the time you fix it.
I believe Brave is working seriously hard on this, so I’m still hoping it would be able to be fixed soon.

Thank you

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Ok, today seems it has been fixed. I just see my BAT Fund from Brave is showing up in my Uphold Wallet today.
I hope it would be stable and better from now on.
Thank You.

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