Didn't Receive My Brave Creators BAT to my Uphold account

It’s been 10 days or more I still haven’t received my BAT from Creators Wallet to Uphold wallet. I did a self-tipping 22 BAT from my mobile brave ad rewards to my youtube channel in my computer Brave Creators because my wallet is verified in my computer. After doing self-tipping I recently known that it may lead your Creators account to fraud can you check if it got labelled as fraud? I wish it shows a warning about self tipping.

I should have 28 BAT in total but when I was a newbie in Brave it auto contributed my 6 BAT to a non-brave verified website can i still get that back?

I have had the same problem and the brave support does not respond to private messages, it seems that it is becoming a s.c.a.m.

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Hi @myzteryy - there was an issue that affected a small amount of payouts this month. The issue has been resolved and the payment will be made successfully on March 8th.

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Okey thankyouu for the answer