Did not receive BAT tips sent from Android Brave app to Brave publishers account

Over 80 BAT was sent from the Brave Android app to my publisher account via my Github channel on Feb 10. I have not received it yet.

What’s the deal here?

p.s. I have the contents of chrome://rewards-internals available if necessary. I don’t know how private this info is, so I don’t want to post it just in case.

Will you DM me your internals information? I’ll take a look on my end and see what may be happening.

Thanks. I DM’ed it to you.

Any updates? ----------------

Apologies for the late reply.
It turns out that this is already a known issue that the team is working on and I’m told will be resolved by the end of the month. Waiting for more information on this myself – I do appreciate your patience.

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I really want to know, because I’m a beginner here, how to distinguish cases like this with self-tips that are not allowed, Will self-tip cause suspension?

Taken from #4 in the thread linked below:

Self-tipping is okay under certain threshholds; excessive self-tipping will result in your BAT being frozen. If you want to self-tip to test the system, please use the smallest amounts possible to avoid being flagged for fraud. Self-tipping from the Android build of Brave to your own publisher site as a means of offloading mobile BAT is also not permitted – a working withdrawal function for BAT on Android is on the way. Until then, BAT on Android is solely intended to be used to tip creators who you would like to support. If you have lost BAT on Android for any other reason (such as the auto-contribute bug ), please write an email to refunds@brave.com.

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