Suddenly stopped earning brave

So I use been using Brave on my Mac IOS 11.2.3 for the last 3 month. I was initially earning brave re while using the browser. But not I have been using it for over a month and there has been no increase in the amount of brave rewards. It is stuck at 4.265BAT rewards total. Can any please help me to resolve this issue please

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I have the same issue as well! I’m on Brave V1.21.77 and I’m stuck as well no increase and also my ad count is stuck at 158 even when I have the ads pop up.

I have no idea what has changed, could i be due to the lastest IOS upgrade?

I’m not sure. I’m in the dark with you. My OS was already updated and it was working. It was going so well and then the counts just “froze” on me. I upgraded the browser to the latest but that was after it stopped working.

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Why don’t you guys fix fundamental issues like paying ad watchers their BAT on time? Don’t you think that’s important?

who are you talking to? :thinking:

Assumed you were brave employee, whoops!

We are fixing the issues. Please understand that there are extremely complicated mechanisms behind the “fundamental issues” (as you describe them) and a litany of considerations surrounding them. We do appreciate your patience.

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Thanks for the note. I’ve made a test profile (as per the troubleshoot by @sampson) and it has no extensions. I’ve clicked on the browser ad and the BAT count worked, Ads registered in history.

The main account which has the ‘frozen’ BAT & Ads count had extensions. I’ve now removed them and closed the Brave browser immediately. I’ve restarted the macbook and relaunched.

It started on the ‘tester’ profile and I’ve now closed that. This is being typed on the main profile and I’ve seen some ads, clicked on them, and seems like the BAT count and Ads count is still frozen. I’ve opened the Task Manager but I’m not sure which process I should end.

ok, first good to see the rewards in the new profile are working but don’t rush it, something similar happened to me and it took me several hours until all started working properly again.

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