Brave bat on beta browser

Hi all, the ad count and bats have paused for me the past week (even though I still see ads).
I’m wondering if anyone has tested if the beta helps fix this? And if I switch to the beta do the bat rewards stay in sync?

Are you using a VPN? Are you seeing both the notification ads and the sponsored ads (when opening a new tab)?

I see both types of ads. But no credit on the ad counter in the ad reward settings, nor is it reflected in the brave rewards. It was working the month before. Just stopped a week ago, and wonder if it was tied to the latest update.

I recommend you read this thread and include the requested information in this post. Tag @Mattches and @steeven in your post.

So you are seeing Ads, but the counter/earnings in Settings --> Brave Rewards --> Ads is not increasing? Can you confirm for me what version of the browser you’re using at this time (Menu --> About Brave)?

Hi, that’s correct. I’ve been stuck on 293 ads for over a week even though I’m constantly seeing ads. And I’m on V1.21.77

Thank you for confirming – I’ve reached out to a developer on Ads team about this. Would you be open to a screen share with me and/or our dev @tmancey at some point should we need to dig further into the issue?

Yep, I don’t mind sharing anything that fixes this problem.

Hi Ian, I work on the ads team here at Brave, can you please reach out to me at so we can arrange a mutual time. Thanks, Terry

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