Not reciving ads via brave

hi guys, recently set up brave web browser (1/02/21) and have not recieved one single add, im running brave on microsft 10 i believe… have watched multiple videos and gone through many formums and have set all settings and what not as instructed… ads are set to 5 ads an hour and not one add… i love the web browser but im not earning any BAT please help, cheers in advance

Hi @buggzy, Welcome to Community!

Have you seen our FAQ?

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sure have mate, ive read everythig i can, changed everything instructed in said info pages, i live in australia so my region gets emails, clocking up alot of hours in use time but still nothing!

I’ve had this problem as well, for several months. Plus on my android version I’m having BAT removed from what was earned it went from 2.5 BAT to 0.5 BAT. To me the whole rewards system needs to be overhauled,.


yeah nothing in there has shown me nothing i havnt already done… like i said its a great browser app with magnificent use and ease of use but just thins one tiny lil issue

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