Brave Rewards: BAT earnings stopped and Ads keep coming

Hello Brave Team,

For over 2 weeks my Brave Rewards earnings have been stuck at 6.895. I see the ads from Brave no issue there. But the issue I’ve noticed are also in the ‘Ads Received This Month’ within the Brave Rewards Settings that have not increased and are also stuck at 158.

I’ve investigated the 7-Day Ads History link below it and it has recorded the ads I’ve been seeing to date precisely to today’s current time.

I’ve read some users have made a separate “Test” profile which I have done to find that the Brave Rewards earnings operate fine.

I use a verified Uphold wallet. I have also updated to the latest version of the browser: Version 1.21.77 Chromium: 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) (x86_64)
I am using an i7 Macbook Pro with MacOs Catalina 10.15.7

Please advise and thank you in advanced for your time and effort.

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I’ve had the same issue on Android browser. Ads viewed 126, BAT earned 0.02.

@Sleipnir989, force stop the app and clear the cache (not the data) and take a look again


do you have any extension enabled in your normal profile?

Same issue here, on MacBook Pro M1.
Tried to disable Ads, then re-enabled it. Then reinstalled Brave (without deleting my settings, just download a new copy and replaced it in Applications).

No luck.

brave have stopped this for all users
brave is a lot weird lately
probably is fixing this ads issue

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Well started back at 1 ad viewed but it seems to be working normally so that’s something, thanks @JohnDproof

what?, it shouldn’t reset the ad counter… the pending rewards got reset too?
are you sure you cleared only the cache?

Yes both were reset, I did make sure to clear only the cache not the data. It’s fine though, only a couple weeks of ads lost not that big of a deal. It’s working now so I’ll get the proper rewards which I wasn’t before, I’ll take it.

Crypto Wallets was the only extension listed. It was automatically set to ‘on’. It now has been removed. I clear the cache, forced quit and still same issue unfortunately.

An odd thing happened after clearing the cache and force quitting the browser.

After retarting the browser, the Brave Rewards BAT count zeroed. I opened another tab and then the BAT reward magically went up to BATS. I had rejoiced, the issue was fixed. Until moments later…

The BAT count reverted back to the 6.895 once again. I tested to see if the BAT count would increase after seeing a Brave ad and it did not unfortunately.

I went checked to see if the “tester” profile was still working and low and behold… the count on there is frozen as well.

Close but no cigar. Still trying!

Here, I do not have BAT nor ads… on macOS, with an up to date Brave. I tried quitting, reopening, disconnecting Uphold, deactivating Brave Rewards, changing how many ads are showed… nothing worked. Too bad, I really love this browser and that feature is fun.

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