Problem with brave ads

Give us a brief description of the ads behavior you’re seeing

hi I understand that ads can sometimes stop showing because of availability, catalog and other stuff but what about the sponsored images?
as you can see since 28/12 of the last year I stopped seeing ads, today I got the first in the form of sponsored image but it does not get counted and the pending reward does not increase either.


it seems something is not working properly, but I can’t figure out what it is, I have notifications enabled, checked using the tool at
did sponsored images stopped being paid? are they no longer counted? I’m half confused half upset by this, please I need some insight on this matter, @Mattches @sampson @anyone.

What OS/Brave version are you using?

Brave 1.18.77 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Revision 9407c80213cda69c2b7abcb4fa8e3f74488f4956-refs/branch-heads/4280@{#1807}
OS Windows 8.1 (Build 9600)

I created other profile to do some testing as the brave team recommend and I’m getting ads in the new profile… :thinking:

it seems something is wrong in my current profile/wallet, next time going to check disabling all the extensions…

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Can I ask what region you’re located in?
Apologies for the late reply – I’m talking to our Ads team right now to see if we have any known/wide spread issues that would explain this and I appreciate your patience.

hi @Mattches, nothing to apolgies I know this forum give you a lot of work.
I’m located in Canada

by chance I was taking a look at my rewards internals and I noticed thisin the event logs, at the left is my main profile, right new profile

I don’t know if that’s important

Thank you for the information – could be part of it. Still waiting on some responses from the team. In the interim, can you share your wallet payment ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page? Please include “No ads – payment ID” in the subject line so I can easily identify your message.

@Mattches, hi I messed up there, after check it again I realized I missed the right date :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: this is in the main profile
that means is the same in both profiles

so, I disabled the extensions and browsed for some time, at first ads only showed for the secondary profile but after some time they started showing in the main profile too :thinking:

I have 3 devices in my sync chain:

  • laptop 1 (the one that I’m using, with the new profile)
  • laptop 2 (updated)
  • my android phone

between laptop 1 and 2 I’m syncing the settings so after disabling extensions in laptop 1 they get disabled in the laptop 2, but the laptop 2 still doesn’t show any sign of ads (if no ad show in some hours I’m going to create a new profile in this laptop too to see if it happen the same that with laptop 1)

it took some time but I got at last the first ad in laptop 2

so i’m assuming that for some reason one of the extensions started causing the problem (the extensions get updates?)

I’m going to wait some time to see if the problem is completely solved or not. Thanks @Mattches for your time :+1:

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That was largely your doing. I’m glad you had it worked out. Do you know what particular extension(s) was causing the issue?

@Mattches I believe this is the culprit

I used it sometimes as a vpn but before it wasn’t causing me any problem, so I didn’t though it was the cause. that’s why I asked if the extensions get updates :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

anyway it seems everything if fine now. thanks again, your guide was very helpful.

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No problem appreciate your thoroughness and support :slight_smile:

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