Suddenly cant connect my Gemini account to Brave rewards

Yes, there has been a lot of communication on this. Not only in posts being created, but in lots of people asking about it and us answering. It can be very helpful if you could be sure to Search Before Posting.

For example:


But then also explaining in answers to plenty of other people who had issues, such as below:

So yeah, I’d say you definitely missed it. Heck, even in the template you filled out here, it provided a link and asked if you are in a supported region. If you had gone to that link to check, rather than just typing out which country you’re in, you would have seen the information below:


See how it says Gemini is for Creators only? And that even with that, it’s only United States that has it available? If so, you would know your Singapore would not be able to connect to Gemini.

Do keep in mind I’m just another user who spends a lot of time helping people. I’m typing and sharing the above not only for you, but for anyone who sees your post. Not being mean, but you are seeing some frustration in how tons of people come here and don’t read things. They just post and try to force us to constantly repeat the same answers. It can tend to get quite annoying.

Also, I’d like to leave you with two other quotes: