Brave and Gemini not working

As it says at, Gemini is unavailable.


The template you erased asked if your country was on that list. Seeing as no country is supported on Gemini due to it being unavailable, that would answer your issue on that.

Issue isn’t anything to do with Brave. It is Gemini that has stopped connections. If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, Gemini is currently being sued by New York (may want to see and ) .

Gemini has also have all but pulled out of Canada and Netherlands, where they only are doing major tokens.

Correct, for nearly a year now it’s been said you can only earn BAT if you are connected to a custodial partner.

So if you’re not connected, you’ll earn nothing.

Coinbase and Binance also are going through one hell of a time right now:

Brave has always been strict on what it does and tries their best to protect everyone. They are always looking for more potential custodial partners. That said, Brendan Eich and others also have long announced that on chain payments is in progress and something they hope to get out to us in 2024. If that happens, then we’ll receive payments directly to our Wallet and won’t even have to worry about KYC/AML necessarily.

Again though, everything is time and patience. This is especially true as there’s a lot of things going on in the world of cryptocurrency. Governments have been changing a lot of laws and regulations. So Brave is kind of stuck waiting for the dust to settle and to know where things stand before they can make their next big move.