Gemini Logged Out and "Your Request Is Still Being Processed" Issue FAQ

What happens?

Some users are unable to log back in to their Gemini accounts via Brave Rewards and will see an error message, such as “Your request is still being processed”.

Who does this issue affect?

Not all users who have their Gemini account connected to Brave Rewards are affected. However, some users, especially those with older Gemini accounts, may be affected.

What does it mean if I am unable to log back in?

If you are stuck in the “Logged out” state, then:

  1. :white_check_mark: You will continue to receive BAT earnings for the Brave Ads you see.
  2. :white_check_mark: You will continue to receive monthly payouts to your Gemini account.
  3. :warning: You won’t be able to see your BAT balance via the Brave Rewards interface. However, you can always view your BAT balance by logging in to your Gemini account via Gemini’s website.
  4. :x: You won’t be able to make contributions to Brave creators using the BAT from your Gemini account.

When will this be fixed?

Currently, this requires a fix on Gemini’s side to resolve. We are still awaiting these changes and awaiting updates from the Gemini team. The cause of the issue is known.

If we do not see a timeline in the near future for a resolution, we will find a workaround solution for users who are currently stuck in this situation.

We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience. We will continue to work with Gemini’s team to see how soon a fix can be deployed.


I am having this exact issue. Waiting on a fix for literally months. Almost 6 months now…

Appreciate the update! Was wondering what was going on. I too have this exact issue.

Unfortunately, we haven’t received an update from Gemini’s team yet. We will see if we can come up with a workaround.

@BertLahr Would you be able to send me your brave://rewards-internals (general info)? It would be helpful in coming up with a workaround solution. Thanks. I’ll send you a DM.

Given we haven’t been able to receive a definite timeline from Gemini’s team, we believe we have found a solution for users stuck in this state. We will keep you updated, but we expect to deploy a fix for this soon.

I just received a response from Gemini support today from an agent by the name of Helena that they have temporarily deprecated the support for connecting with brave. No further indication if and when this be remediated.

The response you received from Gemini support is unrelated to this specific issue. The support agent was probably referring to the fact that Gemini is not taking in new users via Brave Rewards right now, and wasn’t familiar with this more specific issue.

Actually it is. I responded to them again referencing both the GitHub issue that I started as well as this community forum re-explaining to them what I understand is going on and they still provided an answer saying that they have disabled the connection integration between brave and Gemini irregardless of the age of the account or otherwise.

I reference the link to the GitHub issue to my last comments.

The matter that needs to be resolved here is that Brave needs to stop using a CEX, Make its internal wallet a true decentralized wallet or allow us to withdraw our assets to our own provided EVM address.

As the saying goes not your keys not your coins!

Is there anyone at Gemini we could contact to try and help convince Gemini this is a feature their users want?