Can't re-connect to Gemini


On my laptop at work recently our IT guy reset everything, so I had to re-install Brave Browser today, but when I tried to activate the Rewards and connect to Gemini (this is what I’ve been using for that past couple of years) it says that it’s not supported in my country (Romania).

Any idea / solution for this ?

@Jebedaias if you had not deleted the template and made sure to look at everything, you’d see that it asks if you’re from a supported country as is on the list at

When you look there, it shows as below:


Also, if you were to Search Before Posting you would see the topics below:

In your case, you uninstalled and therefore lost your “already connected” profile. It sees you as a brand new person, at which case Gemini is not available for anyone at this time.

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