PSA: Current FAQ

Creating Topics

Make sure you’re creating topics in the right places and providing as much detail as possible. For example:

From the screenshot above:

  • #1 Should be a short and clear description of your issue

  • #2 is where you will select a proper category. Placing something with no category will make your topic less likely to be seen. Also, being as specific as you can, such as placing in Brave Rewards Rewards Support instead of just Brave Rewards can make a bigger difference than you might think.

  • #3 this is an area where many people fail. When you choose a category, a template is created. The first part is for you to read, but the second part is a list of questions that needs answered. You should always answer those. Beyond that, make sure to provide as many details as you can. It will be hard to help if you’re not sharing detailed information, especially if not informing about things like which version of Brave you’re using or your Operating System.

  • #4 Many categories require this additional tag. This just helps to sort things better. Obviously, don’t put Desktop if you’re on Mobile and all. Again, the more you can help to provide details and narrow things down, the better chance you have in someone being able to assist you.

Make sure to provide lots of details

Provide as much information as possible. At a minimum, we need to know which version of Brave and which OS you’re using. Don’t just say “The latest” for version or “Windows” for OS. Be specific, such as Brave 1.51.114 and Windows 11 or Android 12.