Brave Rewards Not Allowing Gemini To be Linked

Brave Rewards is not allowing me to connect Gemini to my Brave Wallet. It lets me get through the 2-Factor Authentication stage & then says my request is still being processed, before a window pops up that says “Error: Connecting to Selected Custodian Temporarily Unavailable” as the heading with the subtext saying “It looks like connecting Gemini to Brave Rewards is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.” Then one line below that, it says “You can view -service status here-” (the "-’ is where the hyperlink begins and ends).
When I click on the linked text, a new window labeled “Brave Status” with a red circle error icon pops up. Main heading reads “Some Services Are Down” . Below that are various green horizontal segmented bar graph type things with labels of various Brave services and functions, which are grouped in various categories. Under the category of “Brave Rewards” are two sub-categories each containing their own graph, one labeled “Brave Creators” the other “Brave Ads”. Under the sub-category of “Brave Ads”, Gemini is listed with a red symbol while other rewards hosts are listed as green. The information it has is “downtime” as apposed to the others who have “Operational”.
Not sure what to do from here.

Expected result:

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it’s important to always Search Before Posting. You’re not the only person to create a topic like this today.

If you follow the topic linked below, you’ll see me provide an update once we know Gemini is up and running.

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