PSA: Current FAQ

Search Before Posting

It helps everyone when people try to look for similar issues before creating new topics. This prevents other issues from getting drowned out and can save all of us a lot of time and headaches by referencing answers already given. If you need help in knowing how, let’s go through some advice below:

How to search

In order to search for topics, you just click on the image that appears on the top of the page and type in brief words of what you want.

Search Example

For example, maybe you did not receive your monthly BAT payment. For that, you can type in Missing BAT or Rewards payment. This will get you results similar to like below:

Tip #1

It’s important to click and read on things. Sometimes the response it highlights doesn’t seem right, but if you check the topic, it’s exactly your problem.

Tip #2

If for any reason it doesn’t seem accurate, it’s important to know you can sort results. To sort, you just click on the Sort By area and choose the method. I tend to suggest Latest Post rather than Relevance, but it’s up to you.

Tip #3

Lastly, it’s important to realize there’s also option for advanced searches. On this you can make it narrow things down based on a lot of options.