Some questions about rewards

Go to Brave Rewards and turn it off.


Zero. You don’t earn BAT from visiting websites.

No. Again, you earn no BAT from visiting websites. You only get BAT from viewing Brave ads.

Because they can’t accurately give a fixed amount. What you see is an estimate. It still has to confirm that you didn’t surpass the maximum amount of views, that you are in the same region as the ad, and it has to process through the system prior to payouts. There were times people would see something like 5.2 BAT and then they’d only receive 4.7 BAT and would be upset of the difference. The 0.5 BAT would “roll forward” into the next month because it just hadn’t reconciled, but people would still accuse of “stealing” their BAT and all. So now, it just gives an estimated range to try to improve on accuracy and have less confusion for people.


Has nothing to do with Rewards.

This will do nothing for Rewards. That said, I would suggest using as few extensions as possible if you care about privacy and performance. Extensions can track and share information, cause compatibility issues with sites, or even break features in the browser. I can’t speak on DuckDuckGo extension specifically, but just giving basic advice.

This depends. If you are using VPN to appear in other countries but you wish to use Rewards, then this could eventually flag your account. This is because one of the things you agree to in Rewards is that you won’t attempt to view ads from outside your region. You are shown ads based on your IP address. If you use VPN, it should be to appear within the same region as you’re in.

Again, Rewards doesn’t work based on websites. So none of that matters.

Any profile or version of Brave can be linked to Rewards. There are no official device limits, though if people get too far out of normal it will be blocked as an antifraud and you likely will see your accounts closed. Keep in mind that Rewards is meant for casual use. Originally it wasn’t even meant for us to profit ourselves. The intent and purpose of Rewards was to give us the ability to support Creators we like. Brave blocks ads by default which means it’s taking away income from content creators. If we don’t tip those Creators to make up for it, then they may not be able to afford to keep producing content.

So yeah, keep in mind just to put it on your devices for normal use. Don’t go crazy trying to “mine” or “farm” BAT.

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