PSA: Current FAQ

How can I see more ads?

There’s no real way to increase the number of ads you can see. However, there are things you can do to make sure you’re not missing out on potential ads. For example:

  • Make sure settings like Focus Assist (on Windows) are turned off. Many OS or devices come with these settings now, which will pause all notifications during hours it thinks you’re sleeping or while you’re busy doing things, such as playing games or watching videos. If it pauses notifications, that means it will pause ads.

  • Make sure your New Tab Page settings (SettingsNew Tab Page or on your New Tab Page, go to Customize) has Sponsored Images turned on. This will allow possible ads to be served when you open a new tab.

  • Make sure Brave News is turned on. On Desktop you go to Customize on your New Tab Page and then to Brave News and make sure it’s enabled. On iPhone and Android, you need to go SettingsBrave News.

  • Make sure your IP address and device Locale are the same. If these don’t match, you can have issues receiving ads or getting paid for the ads you do see. This is especially important to remember if you use a VPN. (Same goes with proxy servers, usually bad to have as can cause issues)

  • Do your part to spread word about Brave. The more people who are aware will help to bring advertisers. More advertisers in your area = more ads.

  • Use your device casually and make sure it’s running. Overall it observes our activity. As long as we’re moderately active on our devices and letting notifications serve, we’ll usually do well. Just keep in mind if you leave a device unattended for extended periods of time, you’ll see less ads. Yet in the same token, if it’s constantly in use and seems like someone is using it to “farm” Rewards, then it also will reduce ads.

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