PSA: Current FAQ

What types of ads are there?

There are currently four types of ads available. These are:

  • Push Notifications (PN) - These will appear in the Notification Center of your device. The maximum amount of PN ads you can receive are 10 per hour, up to 100 per day. That said, the maximum number will almost never be reached.

  • Sponsored Images (SI) - These are also referred to as New Tab Page (NTP) ads. These are shown to you when you visit a NTP. The maximum amount of SI you can receive is 20 per day, with a maximum of 1 every 15 minutes. Unlike PN ads, you these will be big ads that are designs that take up the entirety of the background of your NTP. The designs/images can vary greatly.

  • Inline Content (IC) - These will be shown to you as you scroll through Brave News, which is below your New Tab Page. The maximum amount of IC ads you can see are 12 per hour, up to 60 per day. As with PN ads, you’re not guaranteed the maximum and may come nowhere close.

  • Search Ads - These are still in beta at the time of writing the FAQ and, as a result, won’t be available via Rewards. However, once set these will appear during searches at Brave Search and we will be able to earn BAT from them. The maximum amount we can see is unknown at this time. However, this will be a good way to increase monthly earnings while looking for things you need.

NTP Ad Example:

Brave News Ad Example: (See the BAT triangle on top right that says ad? It appears mixed in with news sources as you scroll through Brave News. They can be big or small