PSA: Current FAQ

Why can’t we link to Binance or some other exchange?

I’ll quote Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave on this one:

The process in having a business relationship with exchanges is more difficult than Users may realize. There are a lot of fees and other arrangements that need to be set up to happen.
That said, we are in talks with multiple and hoping to reach new deals to expand offerings. In fact, we can’t give details, but we have a major deal we’re hoping to reach soon that would make Users very happy. We are also always reaching out and trying to do business with other companies, but it takes time.

If you’d like to see Binance or any other exchange that’s not currently offered by Brave, then I’d encourage you to reach out to that exchange and share that you would like to see them do business with Brave. If you and others can create enough of a demand, I’m sure they’ll make arrangements and make it happen.