PSA: Current FAQ

How do I participate in Rewards?

On the far right hand side of your address/URL bar, you’ll see New Tab - Brave 1_18_2023 22_59_11 which is the Rewards icon. If you have never tapped/clicked on it before, then when you click on it you’ll see the prompt below:

Photos 1_18_2023 23_00_49

After you take the tour, you’ll want to hit Start Using Brave Rewards and it will then prompt you to choose your country.

-NOTE- The country you select must be the one you’ll have a passport or other photo ID when you go to connect to a custodial partner, assuming you want to earn BAT for yourself and receive payouts. If the country you choose doesn’t match the ID you used with Uphold, Gemini, or whichever partner you’re using then you’ll get a Country Mismatch error and will have to reset Rewards or change your ID before you can participate.

New Tab - Brave 1_18_2023 23_04_16

Then you’ll need to connect to a custodial partner, such as Uphold or Gemini if you want to be able to earn. If you can’t create an account with them for any reason, then you can still participate but all earnings will be auto-contributed.

However, if you’re able to create an account and link it to Brave, then you’ll be able to receive payouts each month based on the Brave Ads that have appeared on your device.

Once that step is done, all you need to do is make sure that Brave is allowed to show notifications on your device. Many of the ads Brave shows will be notifications, though there are other types. Keep in mind that you never have to click on ads to earn anything. In fact, Brave only wants you to click on ads if you’re interested in them. Just having them appear is all that’s needed for you to earn BAT.