PSA: Current FAQ

Why can’t I get paid directly to Brave Wallet?

In order to comply with current financial regulations (such as FinCEN and OFAC requirements, or equivalent regulators outside the United States), payouts at this time must first go through a regulated custodian. Once you receive BAT into your custodial account, though, you can always then withdraw it on-chain to your Brave Wallet.

Part of the issue is that Brave would have to KYC/AML everyone directly, which they are trying to prevent. Another is that they would have to obtain licenses and all, such as Money Transmitter License (MTL) among others. There’s a lot of hoops and hurdles to jump through, much risk in considering those things, and definitely a lot of expenses. The safest and most effective way to resolve all of this has been just to make sure to use custodial partners like Uphold and Gemini, which are able to make sure all regulations are being met.