Someone can explain me please how rewards work?

Hi everyone,
I am new with Brave Browser. I have been using it since February. I have collected some BATs, about 2 BATs. But every month they disappear and I do not understand where I can find it again…

First time, in February, I thought that all my reward was used for contributions. But now, in March, I am really sure that I should have 1.5 BAT. I had them up to 5 minutes ago.

The strange thing is that if I see my statements I do not see any reward in february and any reward in march. In march I see just 0.25 BAT of contributions. In april I see 0 rewards, but since of 1st of April I have earned 0.915 BAT.

If I go in my Brave wallet I do not see any BAT. I do not have Gemini nor Uphold wallet. So where are my BAT now? Where I can find them? Where I can track the earnings?

Thank you

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