PSA: Current FAQ

Why do profiles get flagged?

Profiles get flagged based on what the system sees as activity that violates the Terms and/or is an attempt at fraud. If you have been flagged, you’ll likely want to know what caused you to be flagged. Unfortunately, Brave’s policy is that they won’t reveal what activity resulted in an account being flagged.

Obviously this makes this challenging to figure things out if you did something accidentally, but it’s been done because people who were doing wrong just used the information to try to better avoid detection in the future. It’s a tough balance.

Ideally, I’d like to give a big list of potential issues. However, little to nothing has been confirmed by Brave and I want to avoid any speculation. We can provide random lists, but without confirmation it’s all theories.

What I CAN tell you is that you’ll often hear people mention VPN as one of the things causing people to be flagged. What has been confirmed is that just using a VPN is not enough to get you flagged. However, it is a contributing factor along with other activity to abuse Rewards or defraud advertisers.

The simple and concise way of thinking about it though is that the system essentially uses a logic puzzle. It bases everything on casual use by the “average” person. If your use seems far out of the ordinary, especially in a way that might be at a disadvantage to Brave or advertisers, you’ll likely see the account flagged.