BAT Decreased help asap

Hello, I have a problem with the BAT Reward. Recently, I have 1 BAT (a bit more), but went down to 0.421BAT recently. Also, before the year ends I had near of 5 or 6 BAT, which was decreased to 0. Very weird. I put the transactions history. Which I need a help now.

@TheGenericKaz Not sure what you’re saying in regards to your Uphold. I mean, everyone is receiving less this month because they had issues where a lot of ads didn’t get “processed” (they say “reconciled”) through the system in time. So many of us are going to see the BAT from those ads appear next month. If you look in your Brave Rewards you should see a higher than normal Estimated Earnings right now even though Viewed ads may still be low seeing as how the month just started.

As to the transactions you showed, it seems you are tipping people or never turned off Auto-Contribute. So each month you have been sending BAT. In January, you paid someone 6 BAT. In February you did not send anything. And now here in March you sent someone 1 BAT.


Can you help me how about to turn off the auto-contribute feature?

Hey to turn off the auto-contribute feature follow the following steps:
→ Go to settings
→ Click on Brave rewards
→ Scroll down to find Auto-Contribute
→ Turn off auto contribute
Hope this helps!

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Open brave://rewards/ in browser then tick off as in following image.

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Checked and done, but why are there a BAT that needs to deliver?, is that okay?. I have installed Brave in other laptop, but it shows in 0.


They are two separate “wallets.” Why I put that in quotation marks is that officially are starting to try not to say wallet, as people get it confused with Brave Wallet. In any case, your Brave browser has its own special encryption code that it uses to send and receive data. Each time the browser is installed, whether it be same device or different, it has a different code and is seen as a different device.

So the screenshot you shared would be what one browser is doing, but that doesn’t mean the other browsers are doing the same thing. You must check the settings for them all. (By default, Auto-Contribute is turned on)

You have to make sure it is turned off on each device, as they are all different. It looks like the one you had in the screenshot is showing 1 BAT being sent as a tip or contribution. So try to check this setting on all your devices you have Brave set for.

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