(solved) How to find the "Manage window" menu on Android? All previously open tabs are hidden there

Description of the issue:
Hello all,

I opened a page in Brave on Android through the “Share” menu, which sent it - I think - In a new “window” (not a new tab, not a new instance, a new window) and all my previous tabs, now in the first window, are unreachable.

It’s exactly the same issue as posted in Stop the automatic opening of new “windows”, and I can’t find how to show the menu “Manage window” shown in this answer. This post doesn’t explain how to manage the issue.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. In my case, through a page opened in Firefox for Android “installed” (“Add to home screen”, select Share > Brave.
  2. The page opens in a new window, and all the previous tabs opens (50+ :smiling_face_with_tear:) appear closed
  3. It seems possible to manage the opened windows, but the menu is hidden somewhere…

Expected result:
Not dumbing all my tabs :expressionless:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.61.116, Chromium 120.0.6099.217

Mobile Device details
Android 13; Build/TKQ1.230127.002
Fairphone 4

Additional Information:
Also linked (I think) to:

Also on Reddit: Brave Android mobile browser opening multiple windows


Recently i did not have this problem anymore. The times i did encounter this problem, i closed the window with all my good tabs. Then reopened them with the recent tabs option. There i found a line with all the tabs that where closed and could restore them in the “working” window.

I think I found the workaround, and it’s absolutely not user friendly:

  1. Open a new tab.
  2. You should have a list of icons with frequent/proposed/pinned websites (depending on your “new tab” settings). Pick any of them, long press on it to open the contextual menu and select “Open in a new window”. It will open in a split window on the bottom.
  3. Drag the middle separator towards the top of the screen to make the new page full screen.
  4. In your recent app list, you will then see multiple instances of Brave. Navigate to the last one in the list (which is the old one).
  5. Open the menu (not previously accessible in the new window) through the three dots. You will then see a newly available option “Manage window (2)”.
  6. From there you can find back the previously “hidden” pages.

From an obscure reason, this menu is not always available when a new window is created, and the old window is not visible as a duplicated instance of Brave in the recent app list.

PS: RIP my 40+ tabs that have been forced-closed during my trials and errors. And no, I can’t re-open them easily because they are spread over months of history…

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