Brave Beta Randomly Opens Links in Different Window

Description of the issue:

Sometimes when I click on a link in a Google search on my Android device, it will open in a new window, removing the options at the bottom of the screen so that I can’t access the settings or my currently open tabs. It opens it in a ‘multiple windows’ window and it’s extremely annoying and difficult to get it closed and back to my normal windows, especially since the settings three dot option, and that entire bottom bar, are gone. When I finally swap, and I honestly don’t know how, I see the ‘multiple windows’, or whatever is called, option and, even then, it’s hard to close the extra window. I think I have to click on the link again for it to somehow swap back and then it’s confusing on which to close as the same page will be open in both. It’s extremely frustrating as I wouldn’t even utilize this feature for the most part.

How can this issue be reproduced?

I have no idea how to reproduce this issue as I have no idea why it happens in the first place.

Expected result:

Stop this from happening or ask me beforehand if I want to open it in a new window, or whatever it’s called. If this is going to happen, at least make it to where you can access the settings so you can easily close it or swap between them.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

version 1.61.67

Additional Information:

I have no idea how to even make this happen. It’s like it’s sandboxed inside my original Brave Browser window so there aren’t two versions of Brave in my Android Recent Apps so I can’t easily close it and get back to my original Brave Browser window with all my tabs and the bottom bar with the settings menu.

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