Lost around 150 opened tabs - how restore?

Description of the issue:

I opened Brave on mobile and got no tabs, I had around 150 opened tabs. How restore it? Most i dont have in history because “lets say” you have empty history. When you open then Brave, you see all tabs BUT they wont be in history, you must click on every tab to (fully load?) to have it again in history. So i cant restore them from history… only few :-/
Is there (and where) on mobile any file/folder I can copy, change, rename, tab backup file etc - that will work and fix my probleM?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. dont know, first time problem like this

Expected result:

Restored tabs

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave Private Browser: Fast, safe web browser 1.4.0

Mobile Device details

Huawei P8 lite

Additional Information:

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You can create a schedule to have a Hosting on the internet which every time you open the browser the 150 Tabs open, nothing difficult to do with PHP. It can be programmed.

But man 150 Eyelashes that you do with so much Nopor turned on hehehe, You increase the Processing of the Mobile and increase the caloric resistance, that can make your cell phone without a Cold Refrigeration system totally burn your logic card when being at so many temperatures throughout the processing that you assign to it, it’s true, it’s not a joke, I recommend you keep it cold and then have your 150 tabs open.

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“schedule to have a Hosting on the internet which every time you open the browser the 150 Tabs open, nothing difficult to do with PHP. It can be programmed.” sorry, but i have no idea what you are talking about :smiley:

my phone is cold

Well, do you want to have 150 Pages Open at all times? That is 24/7 on your device? And every time you close the browser when you reopen you still have them? Obviously you will have to type a URL to open those 150 Pages, I can help you, if you want, send me a private message indicating your idea from the Brave Browser Forum messaging and I can provide the host for free or teach you the steps to obtain it, after that there would be the programming that you will have to add, in that case I would take care of programming it.

not all times, i just want to restore them to move most to my pc (than i can remove them). Till today, yes… everytime I opened browser i had all. Few times, for some time I even had more with no problems. It didnt crash… I just opened browser like many times but no tabs now :frowning: what url? what do you mean?

You can enter brave://flags a search will appear, select Tab Groups, then select the Enable option and it should work for you, try and let me know.

doesnt work. I mean… brave thinks im doint a search, so when i hit /enter/ - i see google search with “brave://flags”

what are the photos for? most of my tabs arent in history… because it seams Brave is not very smart and is not putting tabs in history when you open browser :smiley: like i wrote above… you must click on every ** tab to have it again in history :smiley:

Before commenting, I have left you some images, try and let me know.

Hopefully a Moderator will look at your topic and can provide you with better support, these were some of the most common alternatives when recovering the browser tabs, but surely they can provide you with better assistance in a few hours.

I hope moderator will help :frowning:


seems there is no cure for my problem :skull:

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