Lost all open tabs

I got a message from my IPhone saying Siri was recommending that I open a new Brave tab so I clicked ok.

Now all my tabs, more than 100 open tabs related to important medical research is completely gone. My bookmarks and my history for the past couple months are there, but all tabs are gone.

Any suggestions on how to get them back? From what I have read it sounds impossible but I wanted to make sure.

I am completely heartbroken. I really needed all that info.

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Sorry to hear that happened. Unfortunately I think you’re right – other than searching through your History and finding any relevant tabs, I don’t think there is a way to specifically bring those tabs back. Can you tell me a bit more about what action you took before this happened?

Where exactly did this message come from?

What happened was that my IPhone for some unknown reason brought up a bubble recommending that I open a new Brave tab.

When I clicked on it it opened my Brave browser but all open tabs were gone.

The good part is that when I restarted my phone my Brave browser was back with all my tabs from earlier, so there is no longer a problem.

Thanks everyone for the help.

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While I’m glad the issue was resolved, can you tell me more about this bubble? What kind of bubble was it? Did it come from a specific app or a website or what?

It popped up as a notification on it’s own and said something like “Siri recommends that you open a new tab in your Brave browser” so I clicked it and it brought me to a new tab in Brave, but all the old tabs were gone.

Siri is the virtual assistant that comes with IPhone. I never do anything with Siri and I can’t remember any other time it made any sort of suggestion.

For future reference, you can turn off Siri notifications like that in the iOS Settings menu:

Thanks for this suggestion

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