New tab windows settings issue

When I search something on any search engine and click on a link it opens as a new window tab. I don’t want this to happen I want it to open in the same window. I looked under Brave settings but couldn’t find anything that I could change. If I use other browsers I don’t have that issue so it seems to be in Brave. Is there a way to fix this?

I just don’t want hundreds of new window tabs open when checking a simple thing like the news.

Android 13

Brave 1.67.123

Thanks for reaching out.
Can I ask whether this is a Android tablet or phone device? On my end on my Android phone, if I tap a link in the search results (from any engine), that link opens in the same tab I’m on which I believe is the behavior you’re expecting.

Unclear why it would be different for you.

Can you go to Settings --> Appearance and toggle the Only open links in current tab group setting and tell me if this changes the behavior?