Stop or Change Brave from creating new Windows

Hi, for a couple of months now I keep losing all my tabs because they get moved to a new Window.
Did some googling, found this thread

That describes my issue almost exactly.
It happens when I open a link that immediately redirects me to an associated app, not all of the time, just most of the time

Anyone have a solution to help me stop this from happening? Because it kinda makes the browser unusable.

It happened again when I just opened a google forms link on discord

Same here! This is so infuriating! To top it all off, they’ve buried the “close window” functionality somewhere obscure. I HATE WHEN THEY FORCE NEW FEATURES ON YOU!!! Please please please tell us how to disable this annoying and frankly useless “feature”!

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Opened an link in discord, happened again

Having a similar issue. If I click an external link, Brave will often open it in the existing window, but then also open a new window with the new tab screen. I then have to close the new window (which is a pain in its own right) to get back to my original window.
Every forum post I’ve seen about this issue just gets auto-closed. No one has been able to post a working solution.

ok so this was my work around, unsure if it will work for others.
when you got to three dots button then go to move to next window.
it should open up the split screen. go the the three dots on the top window which should be the unwanted one with no tabs of use.
then hit the exit button.
the app should close and when you reopen it, it should be in the window with all your tabs previously that you actually use.
then go back to the three dots and go to manage windows and close the one that is the unwanted one. and it should hopefully be back to regular browsing.
hopefully this helps others as this has plagued me from time to time for months

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